Do I have to pay sales tax?
We are required to collect 8.75% sales tax unless we ship the firearm out of state.
What is the waiting period?
24 hours for long guns and 72 hours for handguns.
Can I pay by credit card?
We don't accept credit cards, but we have a layaway plan which gives you extra time to pay.
Is your entire stock listed on the web site?
No, we usually have other items in stock or on the way. Please e-mail or call if we can be of help.
When can we come in and browse?
Hours are by appointment only.
Do you take trades on new firearms?
Not at the present time. It's not feasible without a storefront location.
Why does it cost more to ship a handgun than a rifle?
Common carriers require that handguns be shipped overnight/priority. There are more shipping alternatives for rifles.