Something Different: 5.7x28

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Something Different: 5.7x28

Post by Flash » Wed May 17, 2017 4:47 pm

Most of us have shot the popular pistol calibers, .22, .380, 9mm, .45, and others. Until recently, the 5.7x28 was something of an orphan, relegated to the expensive FN Five Seven pistol and FN PS-90 bullpup rifle. Recently it's gained a lot of popularity and ammo prices for the caliber have come down enough to make it competitive.

Originally designed as a possible successor to the NATO 9mm, this cartridge has a few characteristics that make it worth looking at, and now there are reasonably priced firearms to take advantage. Muzzle velocity from the P90 18" barrel is 1950 ft/s with the common SS197SR variety (there are at least a dozen variations of the ammo) with a flat trajectory and 150 m effective range. There's hardly any recoil so it's easy to stay on target.

Guns available in 5.7x28 include:
FN Five Seven Pistol
FN PS-90 Rifle
Masterpiece Arms MPA57 DMG Defender Pistol
Masterpiece Arms MPA5700DMG Defender Carbine
AR57 AR Upper (fits standard AR15 type lower)
Excel Arms Accelerator and X series Pistols
Excel Arms MR Rifle

This is rapidly becoming a mainstream round. The Excel Arms guns are the cheapest of the bunch but the Masterpiece Arms guns primitive appearance belies the excellent machining and performance they exhibit. If you haven't considered this caliber before because of the rarity or lack of popularity, its time to give it another look.

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