Howa Axiom w/ Scope

An ideal rifle for varmint or predator hunting, this rifle has 2 recoil suppression devices, and has a beautiful camo finish. Includes matching scope.
Sales price: $985.00
Manufacturer: Howa
  • 2-recoil suppression devices for maximum recoil reduction 
  • Rugged lightweight synthetic construction
  • Camouflage Finish - Stock, Scope, and Barrel
  • 24" Barrel
  • instantly adjustable length of pull from 11.5mm to 15.5mm
  • Completely free-floated barrel for maximum accuracy
  • CNC milled to specifically fit the Howa M-1500 action
  • .204 Ruger
  • Includes matching Nikko Sterling scope


Up to 70% Recoil Reduction

The Howa/Axiom uses a cam and spring absorber in the pistol grip & another heavy spring in the stock tube. Both systems are separate units from the forend, allowing the stock to absorb recoil on impact. The Howa M-1500 offers as standard many features found in much more expensive rifles, like a forged receiver and forged, one-piece bolt that are both ported for safety, a three position safety, a one-piece guard and ma- gazine box with hinged oor plate. The bolt also features two locking lugs and an M-16 style extractor.