Zastava M77 PAP 7.62x51/.308

The M77 is a popular light machine gun. The semi-automatic version is an accurate, powerful, reliable AK style rifle with the punch of the Nato 7.62x51 or .308 cartridge.
Sales price: $795.00
Manufacturer: Zastava Arms

.308 / 7.62x51

The Zastava M77 is a semi-automatic version of the M77 light machine gun used by the Yugoslavian army, and others. It's one of the few Kalashnikov type rifles to use the 7.62x51 NATO ammunition, instead of the original AK-47 7.62x39 Russian ammunition. The M77 is considered one of the best Kalashnikov type rifles as it combines the advantages of the NATO developed round and accuracy with the Kalashnikov's durability and reliability.

* Polymer stock with good ergonomics and balance, resulting in low recoil, light weight and compactness.

* Cold forged barrel.

* Can operate as a single-shot and a semi-automatic rifle.

* Automatic safety system prevents firing before the bolt is locked.

* Adjustable front and rear iron sights.